Adjustable solar panel mounting system for flat surface

YANGLIN Adjustable Tin Roof Mounting is designed to meet the adjustable tilt angle requirement, tilt angle adjustable make solar mounting system get the best effciency on each season.
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    Xiamen Port, China
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    Tin roof or flat surface
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    10-15°, 15-30°, 30-60°
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Product NameAdjustable solar panel mounting system for flat surface

Product Description

Adjustable Solar Panel Tilt Mount Brackets Support most Solar Panel on the market for Roof, RV, Boat and Any Flat Surface, for on-Grid/Off-Grid Systems

Ideal for easy transportation and safe mounting
Maximum tilt angles depend on the size of solar panels.
Used on flat surface or tin roof.
Easy installation.
Light weight aluminum alloy material

Installation Guide:

Step 1: Fix adjustable front leg and rear leg on steel roofing.

Step 2: Fix solar rail on adjustable front leg and rear leg.

Step 3: Put solar panel on rail and fix with solar clamp until finished.

mounting solar panels on tile roof

Components List:

A: Adjustable front leg

B: Adjustable rear leg

C: Alu roof rail

D: Rail Splice

E: Mid clamp

F: End clamp

There are two install type, one is with aluminum rail profile, the other is without profile, adjustable front leg and rear leg only.

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