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YANGLIN are committed to provide global customers easy installation, economic and effective solar mounting system solution with high quality products and excellent service
    • Tile Roof Solar Mounting
      Tile Roof Solar Mounting is suitable for installing framed or frameless modules flushed to pitch roof. Special design and pre-assembled clamp make installation easy. Components list: solar tile hook, Aluminum rail, solar clamp, etc.
    • Metal Roof Mounting Bracket
      Metal Roof Mounting Bracket is made by high quality extruded Aluminum profile, the weight is light and it’s convenient when install. It’s easy to install and can work for framed solar panel or frameless solar panel. install type be solar L foot with rail or railless hook without rail.
    • Flat Roof Mounting System
      Flat Roof Solar Mounting can install solar mounting system on flat roof with expansion bolt or concrete block, you can customzied the tile angle as your need. There are 2kinds of mounting system for your choose, one is fixed, you need provide exact tilt angle before design; the other is adjustable, it's cover the range.
    • Ground Solar Mounting Brackets
      Ground Solar Mounting Bracket is applicable for open field, it can be installed for residential or large commercial scale installations with easy installation and lowing labor cost. There are two material for your choose, one is galvanized steel, the other is anodized aluminum alloy. There are 4 types: Aluminum ground mounting system, steel ground mounting system, pole mounting system, single pole ground mounting system.
    • Solar Carport Mounting
      Solar Carport Mounting can be applicated for commercial or residential installation, it's made by high strength extruding Aluminum alloy or galvanized steel. We offer customized service for single, double, triple, four or N carports together to meet your request.
    • Sunflower Solar System
      home use solar panel system
Tile Roof Solar Mounting
Metal Roof Mounting Bracket
Flat Roof Mounting System
Ground Solar Mounting Brackets
Solar Carport Mounting
Sunflower Solar System
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Project Cases
YANGLIN adheres to takes “Honesty” as code of practice and has established stable cooperative relationship with clients from 100+ countries or regions.
  • Steel Solar Carport
    Steel Solar Carport
    Location: Oman, Capacity: 8 car space
  • Trapezoid Rooftop System
    Trapezoid Rooftop System
    Location on Sri Lanka, Part of 10M rooftop project.
  • 1KW Sunflower Solar System
    1KW Sunflower Solar System
    1KW Sunflower
  • Ground Screw
    Ground Screw
    Ground screw as log cabin foundation
  • Galvanized steel solar carport
    Galvanized steel solar carport
    Location on USA, Total 30 car lots
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YANGLIN is a high-tech enterprise which specializes in researching and developing, production and sales.
  • In the first half of the year, pv prices in Europe and America soared 19.1% and 8.1%


    In the first half of the year, pv prices in Europe and America soared 19.1% and 8.1%
    According to a report published by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), 163 GW of new renewable power will be installed in 2021, which is cheaper to generate than coal-fired power. That includes a 13% drop in solar costs over the past year, despite a rise in module prices.  Compared with 2020, the cost of onshore wind has fallen by 15 percent, offshore wind by 13 percent, and solar by 13 percent, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency's cost of Renewable Power Generation to 2021. Among them, the war between Russia and Ukraine caused the price of coal and natural gas to rise, and also made the cost of thermal power generation rise further. Despite a good year for solar power in 2021, the situation has reversed this year. In the first half of the year, with the energy crisis caused by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and the aggravation of global inflation, energy prices have become a trend. In the field of solar energy, upstream polysilicon soared to a 10-year high, triggering the price rise of the whole industry chain, and also promoting the price rise of downstream solar energy. The rise has been particularly pronounced in Europe and the US, where the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has hit hardest. According to a recent LevelTen Energy report, Europe's power purchase agreement price (PPA) rose 47% year on year as the continent's Energy crisis continued and inflation soared. The P25 index of solar quotes rose 19.1% to 59.43 euro /MWh in q2, almost 10 euro higher than q1 2022.   Solar energy prices in Europe have risen, more because of the energy crisis caused by the outbreak of conflict between Russia and Ukraine. In June this year, spot prices on the European Power Exchange once exceeded 400 euros/MWH, close to a record high, equivalent to 3-5 yuan/KWH. On the other hand, the rising price of solar modules has also driven up the cost of solar power generation in Europe, which is also one of the main factors in the price rise of solar energy.  The rise in solar prices in The United States, though less dramatic than in Europe, is no less severe and more a result of policy factors. In the second quarter of this year, a decade-long decline in the cost of renewable energy in the United States even reversed as a result of draconian policies. According to LevelTen Energy's quarterly index that tracks renewable Energy deals, first-half US solar power purchase agreements (PPA) prices are 25.7% higher than last year. PPA prices for solar and wind are up 29.7% combined. PPA for P25 solar and wind energy reached $41.92 /MWh, up 5.3% from the previous quarter and more than 30% year-on-year.  The rise in solar prices in the US is influenced by the soaring value of the photovoltaic industry chain on the one hand, but more importantly by policy factors. In the first half of this year, the US Department of Commerce launched an investigation into solar products in Southeast Asia, which directly led to t...
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  • The European Commission plans to increase its renewable energy target to 45% by 2030


    The European Commission plans to increase its renewable energy target to 45% by 2030
    The Russia-Ukraine conflict and the vagaries of climate change will push the European Commission to accelerate its renewable energy targets. The European Commission is analyzing whether it can meet its higher goal of getting 45 percent of its energy from renewable sources by 2030. The European Commission has previously set a target of generating 40 percent of the EU's electricity from renewable sources by 2030. YANGLIN is a professional PV manufacturer in China, products including solar ground systems, solar roof systems (tin roof systems, tile roof systems), solar  carport systems and FRP walkway maintain. The European commission wants eu countries to quadruple the installed capacity of wind installations and photovoltaic systems by 2030 to reduce dependence on gas supplied from Russia -- which would mean 480GW of wind installations and 420GW of photovoltaic systems. The European Commission is considering publishing a plan in May to completely move away from Fossil fuels supplied by Russia by 2027, Mechthild Woersdoerfer, deputy director-general of the European Commission's energy department, said. Currently, 22 percent of the EU's energy comes from renewable sources, and Russia remains the bloc's largest supplier of natural gas. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen in March urged Europe to rapidly scale up its deployment of renewable energy to achieve energy security and wean Russia off its dependence on gas. Frans Timmermans, the EU's climate policy chief, said recently that the EU was setting more ambitious targets for a faster transition to renewable energy. This is consistent with a complete halt to gas imports from Russia by 2027. The EU announced a 1 trillion euro green deal in January that aims to make it the world's first carbon-neutral bloc.
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  • 2021 YANGLIN Year-end Banquet & Excellent Staff Award Ceremony


    2021 YANGLIN Year-end Banquet & Excellent Staff Award Ceremony
    2021 YANGLIN's annual party was held at last Friday night (14th Jan). More than 80 staffs gathered together to celebrate the end of challenging 2021 and expect to start a new chapter in 2022! Four awards were distributed in total at the banquet: outstanding staffs, outstanding newcomers, sales champion and five-year long-term service awards. Besides that, there were also first prize, second prize, third prize and special prize draw for all people. Although the awards quantity are limited, everyone enjoyed the atmosphere and those happy moment. We not only enjoyed the exquisite cuisines, but also watched the wonderful performance :-) In the coming days, as a progressive solar racking manufacturer, Yanglin will continue to provide you the best quality solar panel mounting accessories,solar mounting structure and good service. I believe that we will have more cooperation chances in the future. At the early of the year 2022, we would like to express our best wishes and thankfulness for your great support in the past year.
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  • YANGLIN 2022 Chinese New Years Holiday Notice


    YANGLIN 2022 Chinese New Years Holiday Notice
    Dear Value Customers, We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your kind support all this while. Please kindly be advised that our company will be closed from Jan 29th, 2022 to Feb 7th, 2022 , in observance of the Chinese Traditional Festival, Spring Festival. Any orders will be accepted but will not be processed until Feb 8th, 2022, the first business day after the Spring Festival. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. YANGLIN as a top 10 solar mounting brackets systems supplier in China, promote the development of clean energy for clients. Customized services with OEM available to protect your confidentiality. The product categories include all kinds of solar panel mounting structure, like ground mount, roof mount, ballasted, aluminum, steel, SUPER DYMA, FRP WALKWAY, etc
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Located in Xiamen, China, YANGLIN TECH CO., LTD (“YANGLIN”) is a high-tech enterprise which specializes in researching and developing, production and sales. YANGLIN has the experienced engineer team with more than 10 years industry experience and committed to provide global customers with easy installation, economic and effective solar mounting system solution through high quality products and excellent service. 

To meet different customers’ requirements, YANGLIN has developed solar Ground Mounting System, Tile Roof Mounting Systems, Tin Roof Mounting Systems, Flat concrete Roof Mounting Systems, Solar Carport, Solar Mounting System Accessories, etc. The product category covers residential, commercial and public utilities fields. Besides, the products have obtained AS/NZS1170, UL, ISO9001 and other international certifications. Except for providing standardized solution, we still provide customized solution according to actual demand.

Since its establishment in 2012, YANGLIN adheres to takes “Honesty” as code of practice and has established stable cooperative relationship with clients from 100+ countries or regions. YANGLIN has become one of the biggest exporters of solar PV mounting system in China.

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