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YANGLIN are committed to provide global customers easy installation, economic and effective solar mounting system solution with high quality products and excellent service
    • Tile Roof Solar Mounting
      Tile Roof Solar Mounting is suitable for installing framed or frameless modules flushed to pitch roof. Special design and pre-assembled clamp make installation easy. Components list: solar tile hook, Aluminum rail, solar clamp, etc.
    • Metal Roof Mounting Bracket
      Metal Roof Mounting Bracket is made by high quality extruded Aluminum profile, the weight is light and it’s convenient when install. It’s easy to install and can work for framed solar panel or frameless solar panel. install type be solar L foot with rail or railless hook without rail.
    • Flat Roof Mounting System
      Flat Roof Solar Mounting can install solar mounting system on flat roof with expansion bolt or concrete block, you can customzied the tile angle as your need. There are 2kinds of mounting system for your choose, one is fixed, you need provide exact tilt angle before design; the other is adjustable, it's cover the range.
    • Ground Solar Mounting Brackets
      Ground Solar Mounting Bracket is applicable for open field, it can be installed for residential or large commercial scale installations with easy installation and lowing labor cost. There are two material for your choose, one is galvanized steel, the other is anodized aluminum alloy. There are 4 types: Aluminum ground mounting system, steel ground mounting system, pole mounting system, single pole ground mounting system.
    • Solar Carport Mounting
      Solar Carport Mounting can be applicated for commercial or residential installation, it's made by high strength extruding Aluminum alloy or galvanized steel. We offer customized service for single, double, triple, four or N carports together to meet your request.
    • Solar Mounting Accessories
      YANGLIN provide one-stop solar mounting structure accessories for solar installers, solar distributors or EPC company. Standrad accessories like: solar aluminium rail, rail jointer, solar mid clamp, end clamp, Solar L foot, solar hanger bolt, ground screw, solar roof hook. Welcome to contact with us if you want customized.
Tile Roof Solar Mounting
Metal Roof Mounting Bracket
Flat Roof Mounting System
Ground Solar Mounting Brackets
Solar Carport Mounting
Solar Mounting Accessories
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Project Cases
YANGLIN adheres to takes “Honesty” as code of practice and has established stable cooperative relationship with clients from 100+ countries or regions.
  • Ground Mounting System
    Ground Mounting System
    Ground screw foundation, total 35M
  • Trapezoid Rooftop System
    Trapezoid Rooftop System
    Location on Sri Lanka, Part of 10M rooftop project.
  • Pitched Tile Roof Mountnig
    Pitched Tile Roof Mountnig
    Location on Brazil, 20KW for home use.
  • Ground Screw
    Ground Screw
    Ground screw as log cabin foundation
  • Galvanized steel solar carport
    Galvanized steel solar carport
    Location on USA, Total 30 car lots
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Latest News
YANGLIN is a high-tech enterprise which specializes in researching and developing, production and sales.
  • China' Restrictions on Electricity Policy


    China' Restrictions on Electricity Policy
    Last month, the National Development and Reform Commission announced the provinces' dual control targets for energy consumption in the first half of 2021, and 9 of them have exceeded the standard. Therefore, local governments have begun to adopt a mode of limiting power and production: 1. Guangdong Province takes a "two-open and five-stop" power rationing measures. From Sunday to Thursday (the peak shift days), only the security power load is reserved, which is less than 15% of the total load. If they do not cooperate, they will face a 10-day seizure. 2. Some districts of Jiangsu Province face a 15-day power cut from 15th September: During the implementation period, only electricity for daily life will be reserved, and street light control will be halved. 3. Zhejiang Province has adopted measures to suspend production for key energy-consuming companies, and it is expected to suspend production until September 30。 4. Many other province also takes corresponding steps to cut the power, like Anhui, Shangdong, Yunan, Fujian and other provinces with first/second-level warning.  Some of them are major provinces in the production of silicon materials, modules and mounting brackets in the photovoltaic industry chain. Under the impact of the latest round of power outages, the prices of photovoltaic materials with face the pressure of a new round of price increases and the supply decreases.  Therefore, to ensure the production and delivery on time, contacting with the manufacturer and placing the order in advance is recommended. At present, Yanglin, as a solar mounting brackets manufacturer, has not encountered the problem of limited production capacity. Our production line is running normally, and your order will be delivered as scheduled. So welcome to contact us :-)
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  • China will add 619GW of PV installed capacity in 2030


    China will add 619GW of PV installed capacity in 2030
    According to the data from Wood Mackenzie, a Scottish data company in the United States, by 2030, China will add 619 GW of solar power to global solar power station. China will remain leader in the region and globally, contributing over 60% of Asia Pacific’s solar PV capacity by 2030. Analysts also predict that in a statement on the Asia-Pacific region, Indonesia will become the fastest growing solar market in the region.  WoodMac consultant Zhang Xin said that Carbon-neutral targets lead solar installations in Asia Pacific in the post-subsidy era.  India will add the second largest solar energy in this ten years, followed by Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and Australia, but the Indonesian market will become the fastest growing market, from a small one from today’s 300MW It is estimated to be 8.5GW in 9 years. The Asian Development Bank last year provided a $600 million loan to the state-owned power company Perusahaan Listrik Negara to expand power supply, which will largely contribute to this rapid growth.
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  • [Notice] Spring Festival Holiday


    [Notice] Spring Festival Holiday
    2020 has been passed. The 2021 Spring Festival is coming. Yanglin has harvested a lot along the past year. Thanks to all of you! Wish each of you and your family stay safe and keep healthy, get joy and be happy through the coming year! To celebrate this traditional festival, Yanglin's holiday arrangement as follows: CNY Holiday: From 9th Feb, 2021 to 19th Feb, 2021, 11 days in total, and we will back to office on 20th Feb. Sorry for the inconvenience caused by the holiday. In the new year, Yanglin will continue to provide the best service and excellent solar mounting brackets to all partners, set up more all-round cooperation and make efforts to promote the development of the solar industry.
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  • Solar Energy will Become the Largest Energy Source for the US in 2021


    Solar Energy will Become the Largest Energy Source for the US in 2021
    The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) announced on January 12th, that in 2021, the country’s utility-scale solar power generation capacity is expected to increase by 15.4GW, setting a new record for U.S. grid power generation capacity. In 2021, solar power will account for 39% of the total new power generation in the US. Solar energy will lead in 2021, accounting for 39% of the new power generation capacity in the United States. It is followed by wind energy (31%, 12.2GW), natural gas (16%, 6.6GW), battery storage (11%, 4.3GW), nuclear power (3%, 1.1GW) and other energy sources (0.2GW). Four states in the US will have more than half of the new solar photovoltaic power generation capacity: Texas (28%), Nevada (9%), California (9%) and North Carolina (7%). It is reported that Texas will dominate the largest solar energy project in the US -- the Samson Solar Center. The project will be constructed in five phases in the next three years, and each phase will begin operation after completion in 2023. (Data and pictures from
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Located in Xiamen, China, YANGLIN TECH CO., LTD (“YANGLIN”) is a high-tech enterprise which specializes in researching and developing, production and sales. YANGLIN has the experienced engineer team with more than 10 years industry experience and committed to provide global customers with easy installation, economic and effective solar mounting system solution through high quality products and excellent service. 

To meet different customers’ requirements, YANGLIN has developed solar Ground Mounting System, Tile Roof Mounting Systems, Tin Roof Mounting Systems, Flat concrete Roof Mounting Systems, Solar Carport, Solar Mounting System Accessories, etc. The product category covers residential, commercial and public utilities fields. Besides, the products have obtained AS/NZS1170, UL, ISO9001 and other international certifications. Except for providing standardized solution, we still provide customized solution according to actual demand.

Since its establishment in 2012, YANGLIN adheres to takes “Honesty” as code of practice and has established stable cooperative relationship with clients from 100+ countries or regions. YANGLIN has become one of the biggest exporters of solar PV mounting system in China.

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Mission: Provide the most suitable solar mounting system solution
Vision: Harvest sunlight and continuously improve the human living environment
Value: Quality-Honesty-Innovation
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