Galvanized steel solar pile ground mounting system

Ground Mounting System is applicable for open field, it can be installed for residential or large commercial scale installations with easy installation and lowing labor cost. galvanized steel or anodized aluminum alloy material are both available. There are 4 types: Aluminum ground mounting system, steel ground mounting system, pile mounting system, single pole ground mounting system.
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  • Lead Time:

    Within 15days
  • Shipping Port:

    Xiamen Port, China
  • Payment:

    TT, LC
  • Installation Site:

    Open field
  • Material:

  • Surface:

    Hot dipped galvanized
  • Tilt Angle:

  • Max Wind Speed:

  • Snow Load:

  • Ground Clearance:

    As your need
  • Foundation:

    Ground screw or concrete block
  • Product Detail

Product Name: Solar pile ground mounting system

Product Description:

YANGLIN Pole Solar Ground Mounting System is applicable for open field. It is designed for easy installation and lowing labor cost. This pole ground solar mounting system can be applied to large commercial scale installations. Structure is made by hot dipped galvanized steel. 

Brief Introduction:

Install Site: open ground field
Module Tilt Angle: 5-40 degree
Max Wind Speed: 60 m/s
Snow Load: 1.4 KN/m²
Material: hot dipped galvanized steel

Installation Guide:

Step 1: Install support leg on ground.

Step 2: Fix steel beam and tilt leg on support.

ground solar panel mounting systems

Step 3: Fix steel ground rail on beam one by one.

Step 4: Fix panel on rail until finished.

solar pv ground mount systems

Components List:

pv ground mount systems

How to get a quotation?

In order to provide most appropriate quotation with detail solution, please give us as follow details in advance:
1: Your solar panel dimension and total quantity;
2: Panel layout plan;
3: Panel tilt angle with horizontal;
4: Project local wind load and snow load that you need mounting system can resist;
5: Ground clearance (lowest distance between panel and ground)

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