Floating Solar Mounting System

Floating Solar Mounting System generates clean and renewable energy while conserving precious land and water.
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    15-30 days after confirmed
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    Xiamen Port
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    Water surface(lake, reservoir, dam, pond, etc)
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    8 Years
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Floating Solar Mounting System

floating solar power plant

A: Main Floater, B C D: Vice Floater

Floating PV Mounting refers to solar mounting system installation which is install on the water surfaces, such as lake, reservoir, dam, pond, etc. The temperature of environment for floating solar mounting is from -25℃ to 40℃ 


1: Modular design make installation easy and convenient.
2: Cover water surfaces to reduce evaporation.
3: Floater is made by HDPE which ensure long service time.
4: Strong weather ability, easy for operation and maintenance.
5: Decrease occupation of land resource.
6: Cool module and Increase 10%-15% generation.
7: Reduce water evaporation and save water resources

floating solar anchoring system are like show in below photo:

Project of HDPE floating solar mounting structure

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