The photovoltaic industry enters the campus Jul 30,2020.

It's another season of graduation. Recently, the college entrance examination scores have been announced one after another in various places. When filling applications for college entrance examinations, for the majority of candidates, the university’s educational resources, professional settings and campus environment are all important factors considered. As a clean energy, photovoltaic power plants enter the campus, which not only facilitates the daily life of teachers and students, but also serves as a good demonstration and education.


The construction of photovoltaic power plants in universities has these advantages:


1) The school has a relatively broad roof, good structure and stable electricity consumption

2) Compared with the surrounding area, the school is located in less obstructions, has more solar energy resources, and has stable sunshine

3) The school has sufficient scientific research equipment and funds, and there is enough space to build the energy storage battery room and control room

4) Photovoltaics entering university campuses can also enable students to have a more intuitive understanding of new energy, which will help inject fresh blood into the future development of the industry.


Zhejiang University


In the East Teaching Building of the Zijingang Campus of Zhejiang University, a 500-meter-long photovoltaic corridor shaped like a wave has become one of the most representative photovoltaic buildings in my country. In order to install a photovoltaic power generation system on the top of this uniquely shaped corridor, the photovoltaic corridor uses flexible frameless solar panels. Such thin-film photovoltaic materials are very soft and can be bent and laid on the top of the corridor to be integrated with the surrounding environment. It does not contain fragile glass and has higher safety performance.


Shanghai University of Electric Power


The integrated smart micro-grid system for wind and solar storage in the Lingang New Campus of Shanghai University of Electric Power is composed of 2 megawatt pv mounting system and a 300kW solar roof mount system distributed on 23 building roofs. The system was officially launched in September 2018 and was listed as a "New Energy Microgrid Demonstration Project" by the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration. It is the only university campus demonstration project in China.

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