Solar Energy will Become the Largest Energy Source for the US in 2021 Jan 14,2021.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) announced on January 12th, that in 2021, the country’s utility-scale solar power generation capacity is expected to increase by 15.4GW, setting a new record for U.S. grid power generation capacity.

In 2021, solar power will account for 39% of the total new power generation in the US. Solar energy will lead in 2021, accounting for 39% of the new power generation capacity in the United States. It is by wind energy (31%, 12.2GW), natural gas (16%, 6.6GW), battery storage (11%, 4.3GW), nuclear power (3%, 1.1GW) and other energy sources (0.2GW).

Four states in the US will have more than half of the new solar photovoltaic power generation capacity: Texas (28%), Nevada (9%), California (9%) and North Carolina (7%).

It is reported that Texas will dominate the largest solar energy project in the US -- the Samson Solar Center. The project will be constructed in five phases in the next three years, and each phase will begin operation after completion in 2023.

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