Novel coronavirus doesn't significantly affects exports Feb 13,2020.

We have returned to work this week after an extended Lunar New Year break amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. Thanks for everyone's concerns. The novel coronavirus was originated in Wuhan, which is the most problematic zone. Regarding the epidemic, we have the following clarifications:

- Is it safe to receive packages from China? 

Yes, it's safe. The World Health Organization has shown that the novel coronavirus can not survive on the surface of the package for a long time. So people receiving packages from China are not at the risk of contracting the novel coronavirus.

- About the goods delivery time:

1. For some products, we still have stock in our factory, which can be delivered as scheduled.

2. For other products, our factories will contact suppliers to stock in time and produce goods in sequence after confirming the order.

- About the Customs inspection:

The Chinese Customs has not yet issued relevant export restrictions on commodities, and the Customs, Departments of public safety and health, or consumer product control departments of each destination country have not yet issued policy restrictions.

So there are little influence on the goods export caused by the novel coronavirus pneumonia.

The Chinese government is taking the most powerful measurements currently and the epidemic is under control. Spring is coming. We believe that everything will be fine.

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