Laos Owns High Solar Energy Potentials Nov 25,2020.

The latest report of the World Bank shows that Laos ranks third in Asia in the proportion of renewable energy resources (hydropower, solar energy, wind energy, etc.), after Nepal and Bhutan.

According to the solar radiation data of Ministry of Energy, Lao PDR has relatively high solar energy potentials which can be utilized for various solar energy applications. The following map can be used as a tool for site selection of solar energy technologies:

From above information, we can conclude that Laos owns rich solar energy resource.

The Minister of Energy and Minerals of Laos, Dr. Kammani Intila recently stated that Laos is developing the Solar Energy Project in Basikkon County. Once the project is completed, the installed capacity will reach 760 MW. (Datas from Polaris Solar Photovoltaic Network News)

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