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Helical Piles & Tiebacks Committee is Pursuing ASTM Standards for Testing Helical Pile Steel Components


A topic that  was first introduced more than a year ago at a DFI Helical Piles & Tiebacks Committee (HPTC) meeting is the concept of pursuing an ASTM testing standard for helical pile steel components.  Moncef Souissi, IAS Lab Technical Manager for CTL Thompson, introduced the concept of adding this testing standard to AC358 - the ICC-ES acceptance criteria for helical piles.  The concept was well received by committee members back then, and Moncef has been successful adding volunteers to help him cultivate the concept and for communicating with ASTM committee members.  HPTC member Mike Perlow is now heading up the effort to move this concept forward with ASTM.



Specifically, the  HPTC would like to have an ASTM standard testing procedure for each of the following tests in it’s corresponding (section) in AC358:


Mechanical Capacity of Couplings - (section 4.2.1)

Torsion Capacity - (section

Bending Capacity - (section 4.2.3)

Coupling Rigidity - (section 4.2.4)

Helix Capacity - (section 4.3)

With the help of ASTM D18.11 committee member Bob Simpson, Mike and his team of volunteers were granted time for a conference call on June 27 with the D18.11 committee members to present the concept.  After some discussion, it was clear that ASTM test standards that do not involve soil are under the jurisdiction of a different ASTM committee - E28 Mechanical Testing.  Action items were put in place for the HPTC team to contact the ASTM E28 staff manager to present the concept again.



One other potential ASTM test standard was discussed and that was Helical Pile Capacity Estimate Using Installation Torque.  It was determined that this kind of test would in fact fall under the jurisdiction of the ASTM D18.11 Committee, and the HPTC team will be pursuing this concept as well.


DFI HPTC team members for this effort include Mike Perlow, Moncef Souissi, Howard Perko, Gary Seider, Tim Kemp and Mary Ellen Large.

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