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One nation won’t become strong without talent, one enterprise won’t grow bigger without talent .The talent is the basis of enterprise development, is the first productive force to promote enterprise leaping and bounding development.

Yanglin emphasis on team construction, multi-channel introduction of talent, and establish efficient mechanisms for training, a broad platform for the promotion of talent, to provide strong support for enterprises not defeated in the fierce competition.

In the introduction of talent, Yanglin establish high standards, appropriate advanced personnel introduction mechanisms , open up the channels of the campus recruitment, social recruitment, introduction of overseas talent ,and recruit more capable talent by strict screening.

In terms of training, Yanglin established a comprehensive, systematic training system, With the key of cultural integration and the core of program management, Yanglin cultivate more and more hardworking , pioneering Yanglin people by enhancing the level of staff capacity in actual exercise .


In the promotion of talent, speedy and diversified development of Yanglin brings the Yanglin staff vast developing space and promotion chance . Their initiative can been fully used , their inherent potential can be exploited in max degree ,which causes a good incentive atmosphere to gradually form in company.

Ambitious business goals, advanced management system, scientific incentive mechanism , created a highly educated, highly qualified Yanglin ’s strong team. Yanglin people’s lofty ideals, strong values viewpoint and indomitable implementation capacity, forming an efficient follow-up of corporate culture, Cooperative and harmonious working atmosphere and perfect value system becomes the strong motive power with which Yanglin constantly create miracles .

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